Systematic Requirements Management for Effective Development Projects

Taking the right product to market at the right time is a decisive factor for success in today’s competitive environment. Development processes must return results fast, without compromising on quality or deviating from the requirements profile. They must further be designed to allow a fast response to changing market needs. It should also be easy to improve new products after they have been launched. The dynamics and changes cannot be handled any more effectively in Word or Excel based requirements solutions. Capturing, managing, tracking, analyzing requirements easily and in a manner that they can be communicated and tested effectively is key to success.

Managing requirements efficiently

These claims can only be met by adaptive and efficient Require-ments Management & Engineering (RE): from capturing, organizing, versioning, publication and monitoring to change and impact analysis of requirements.

The following three points are critical to success:

  • Requirements and their test criteria must be understandable, testable, unambiguous, feasible and consistent.

  • Not all requirements are equal. Priority, weighting, and risk assessment are important attributes for effective planning of re-sources.

  • Requirements must be traceable. This is the only way to ensure that the effects of new needs can be analyzed and calculated and that certification needs are met.

The latter point is becoming ever more important as the reuse of systems, integration of new functionalities and merger of solutions due to company amalgamations are becoming ever more predominant in our changing environment.

Your advantage

A systematic process, requirements engineering proficiency and appropriate software tools to manage requirements help to define tasks and goals clearly from the beginning. Changes are communicated continuously and documented seamlessly. This is essential for working together efficiently and thus successfully in a project team.

Skillfully automated requirments engineering will repay you in time-to-market, quality, reuse of key know-how and keeping a handle on cost. And you can monitor the development projects to meet your customers’ needs.

Basis for step-by-step development

In today’s market pace, it is impossible to define a new product in advance completely before the start of a project. This is partly because an understanding of the requirements comes with time, especially in innovation driven developments. In addition, customers change their minds and applied technologies undergo further development, enabling new insights and solutions. Therefore it is im-portant to begin development as quickly as possible and integrate new requirements along the way. Regular feedback loops ensure that the path you pursue is the right one.

A few basic principles must be followed:

  • Each company has its specific “requirements information model”, including process, workflows and specific access rights. This needs to be documented as a baseline.

  • Teams must work on a specific development step during different phases of the project and must ensure that it always meets current requirements.

  • All changes must be analysed in terms of impact before being implemented.

  • All affected team members must be notified immediately upon changes in requirements, to allow them to respond appropriately and not work on “out-dated” requirements.

Investment in requirements engineering - high ROI

Studies show that skills in requirments engineering are still very low which may be corre-lated to the investments in Training. Skills in requiremens engineering seem to be taken for granted by management. As such it is no surprise that RE can be associated to many failures. Additionally investment in tool support is also low – again surprisingly as for an efficient development an effective RE solution is essential.

Intelligent automation – key to success

EVOCEAN supports you in finding the optimum solution for your company: from analysis of your requirement process, through assessment and design of processes to guiding you in taking the next steps and also in assisting in selecting the appropriate tool. We make certain that interfaces to other domains, such as Configuration Management and Version Control, Testing Solutions, Model Driven Development, Product Line Engineering etc. are taken into consideration and synergies are tapped. We base our offer on proven methods and expertise including innovative tools. Of course we also offer corresponding coaching, training, and workshops – to ensure that your investment will be an all-round success!

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