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A picture says more than 1000 words. Therefore abstraction and model building are two important, and related, techniques for understanding the structure and behavior of complex systems. Modeling is one of the fundamental cognitive skills of human beings and a fundamental part of engineering. EVOCEAN has key know-how in the modeling area for Software and Systems, including the underlying baselines technologies and methodologies.

logo_uml_2b.gifModeling is a craft and each domain needs its underlying "tools". In our area of interest, software intensive systems, these are primarily MDA, UML und SysML. Since object orientation has evolved resulting in MDA und UML, modeling has become a self-contained and growing software engineering practice. With SysML this is now growing into the systems engineering space. However these techniques just give you the baseline and not a methodology. A good model is always based on a good Architecture, which requires more than pure expertise. That is where experience comes into the picture!

In a first stage "abstraction" of the problem domain is key to success, whereas Aggregation, Classification and Generalization are the most important techniques. Experience has shown that bringing domain and modeling expertise together results in systems and product models which meet the needs, are sustainable, can evolve and thus are less prone to "rusting".

Architecture – Designing Stainless Steel Models

The most important property of a system is its architecture. The analysis of a system results in its architectural (reusable) components and connectors between them. They are a precondition for dynamic and static dependencies/couplings. The architectural baseline is adapted from an architectural style such as event-driven, layered, or client-server.

Selection of our expertise and services:

  • Architecture trainings, workshops and coaching
  • Architecture review, specially based on the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Model (ATAM).

The System – What we finally want
We regard a system as a whole, embedded into its environment. A system contains a collection of subsystems, interacts through defined interface and offers required functionality.

Combining Requirements Engineering with functional modeling by using SysML is the trend for modeling complex systems such as mechanical, hardware, software and even chip-design.

Selection of our expertise and services:

  • Requirements Engineering
  • SysML trainings, workshops and coaching
  • Systems modeling workshops and coaching.

UML – Unified Modeling Language
For pure software systems UML can be used. The unified modeling language is a standardized general purpose modeling language in the field of software engineering. The UML includes a set of graphical notation techniques to create models of specific systems, referred to as UML models. The diagrams can be divided into structural, behavioral, and interaction diagrams.

By using appropriate tools it is possible to execute the model and generate the code.

Selection of our expertise and services:

  • UML trainings, workshops and coaching
  • Specific UML workshops and coaching for C programmers
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Design patterns
  • UML profiles, domain specific modeling, model transformations.

MDA - Model Driven Architecture
Model Driven Architecture is a software design approach for developing software systems. It helps further to provide solutions for automation of activities such as testing.

Selection of our expertise and services:

  • MDA (MOF) trainings, workshops, coaching
  • Model Transformation (QVT) with ATL 
  • Model Driven Architecture for Embedded Systems.

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